Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with me?

  • Twice the concentration with an extra set of eyes and ears focused on your agency
  • Let's strategically plan, refine goals and stay focused on what is important
  • Another voice reinforcing agency/company goals to your team
  • Let me be your Accountability Partner and teach accountability to you and your team
  • Together we create Best Practices in Sales & Service
  • You and your team get One-on-One personalized attention focused on success
  • Get tools and assistance with team building ideas and opportunities
  • We work to empower leadership skills in all employees
  • We'll use tools that build confidence, improve performance and increasing productivity

Do I train businesses other than in the insurance field?

Yes, sales & productivity skills are necessary in all businesses. My services can benefits anyone wanting to sharpen their skills.

Are you licensed in insurance sales?

I am not licensed in insurance. What I consult/coach does not require insurance sales. I teach sales techniques used to maximize conversations with current and potential clients resulting in increase productivity and increased sales.

How is my training effective for agents/business owners?

I help you clarify your goals ensuring they are specific measureable. I then reinforce these goals and priorities through co-creating a strategic plan using proven tools and techniques. I am an additional source for sales training, role playing and accountability. I also work to help you overcome your own challenges and blocks. Plus, I am an extra set of eyes and ears focused on your success.

How are my services effective for team members?

As an outsider I am viewed by team members as a resource. I am able to assist them in seeing their processes and work habits and adjust where needed. We identify and set to work on a plan benefiting the team member and agency overall.

What is most important when I work with an agency?

Understanding the goals and plan the agent/ business owner has in place. Assisting in reaching the goals through best agency practices. My strengths include assess and identifying sales opportunities and system and procedures efficiencies.

How long do I work with clients?

It depends on the client and the goals. I've worked with individual agents for a few months on a specific objective and others for years, working towards a major set of goals.