Hi, My name is Sue Craft

Productivity Partner is a business consulting company that works primarily with insurance agents to reach their Highly Important Goals. I work with you and your team on goal setting, strategic planning, leadership development, time management and training, training, training. We work together to create efficient systems and procedures specific to your agency.

Success grows with one on one sessions twice a month with each team member. Together we work on agency and individual goals and challenges. I use accountability techniques to keep each person focused on their own commitments. Productivity Partner use and teach techniques that supports professional and personal growth.

My Experience

  • 30+ years in business to business commission sales
  • Managed a sales team generating 80% of the company‚Äôs revenue totaling in the millions of dollars
  • Personally maintained and grew client base by 50% with revenues growing from $150,000 to $485,000 annually
  • Managed 20 sales representatives throughout U.S. & Canada
  • My sales and productivity tools teach how to maximize productivity and increase sales
  • Created brand awareness and a distribution channel for a new product line in the U.S & Canada

My Skill Sets

  • Connecting with and training people
  • Teaching and coaching sales techniques
  • Teaching efficiencies designed to increase productivity and revenue
  • Branding businesses using all forms of advertising